Decentralized Web 2018

I just got done attending the 2018 Decentralized Web Summit in San Francisco and had a good time. The conference was maybe about 500 people which was on the higher end of what I was expecting, but still largely felt like a relatively small community. Most of my time was taken up with volunteer duties since I did not attend the opening night party on Tuesday or most of Thursday morning, but I was happy to be able to walk the halls and attend the sessions I was able to make Wednesday Afternoon and the lightening talks I sat in on Thursday afternoon. There were a surprising amount of people involved in various cryptocurrencies (Etherium, Zcash, dogecoin, and other blockchain based artist and developers) although there were plenty of people in IPFS shirts, and there was a lot of discussion of Secure Scuttlebutt  in the lightening talks. Overall I enjoyed it (and will have a more through write up later) and the people I met there all seemed very driven and competent in their respective fields.

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